Merceneros Identity & Mission

Our cooperative is comprised of what many people would consider “hackers” in the traditional sense.

We are different, but alike in one aspect - our shared interest in technology that fosters the values of privacy, security and freedom. We have all come to share an interest in Monero, a technology that fits such criteria.

We have researched the space, come to hear many opinions and technical explanations - and they have lead us to Monero, a battle tested cryptocurrency, worlds apart from any other in providing privacy and security to its users.

We have formed this cooperative for a pure financial motive. Our work aims to improve the Monero economy and grow interest by highlighting its utility and practicality.

When delivering our services, we ourselves aim to uphold privacy and security, as well as quality, to the best of our ability.

Our members come with professional experience, able to provide services that meet up with industry standards. We strive to keep our solutions performant and well-documented; our interactions cooperative and transparent.

Are you interested? Curious? Contact us. We’ll be glad to answer to your inquiries.